Guttenberg Industries Celebrates Highest Revenue in History

GARNAVILLO, IA – Guttenberg Industries Inc., a second generation family-owned manufacturing business located in Iowa’s Clayton County, recorded its highest revenue in history in calendar year 2018.  The custom plastic injection molding company, which was started by chairman John Ertl in Guttenberg (Iowa) in 1974, surpassed $24 million in plastic part sales in 2018.

“We have been very fortunate to continue our growth because of the dedicated loyalty of our quality workforce, including a very experienced management team, and, of course, our customers,” reveals Dave Kreul, Company President. “Together, they are the two key ingredients that have allowed us to grow.”

Just 10 years ago, Guttenberg Industries had annual sales of $8.514 million. In fact, since 2015 when the company finished with sales of just over $16 million, the company has had a 33% sales growth.

The ability to achieve such growth and success has come with significant re-investment in both employees and capital equipment.  In addition to the relocation of corporate office 10 miles north to Garnavillo in late 2015, the production facility has expanded to 88,000 sq.ft.  This was required to accommodate additional technology, equipment and a larger workforce.

Since 2015, the workforce has grown from 95 employees to approximately 135.  Guttenberg Industries is the second-largest private employer in Clayton County.

“One of the best benefits we enjoy from the company’s growth,” explains Kreul, “is to see the positive impact Guttenberg Industries’ can have on the residents, taxpayers, and the communities in our area. We enjoy being a positive influence on the quality of life in Clayton County and the surrounding area.”