Guttenberg Industries has earned a reputation throughout the industry for superb problem solving capabilities and outstanding quality.

iso9001Guttenberg Industries has earned a reputation throughout the industry for superb problem solving capabilities and outstanding quality. We understand that high levels of quality are achieved through communication, cooperation, careful planning, and excellent manufacturing practices.

We initiated formal quality recognition in 1997 when we obtained ISO 9002 registration.  Three years later we converted to ISO 9001. In 2018 the company completed certification for ISO 9001:2015.

Our entire quality system is structured to understand our customers' needs and expectations, to develop and validate processes to meet those needs and expectations, and to continually improve in the areas of cost, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

One of the quality standards that makes Guttenberg Industries’ efforts and practices stand above many of our competitors is our dedication to treating every part that we produce to the same quality thresholds.  We follow a strict Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) on each and every manufactured part – regardless of the customer.

This results in two very important outcomes. First, it is clear to our dedicated employees that every part is important to us. There is no special treatment for an automotive part or a large customer’s product – each part and every customer are equally critical to our success. Second, and most importantly to our customers, it ensures that they receive a quality part that they need and want every time they place an order with us.

The Process

Every product we make has a customized quality plan, complete with step-by-step production instructions containing pictures at each step in the manufacturing process. The process actually begins well before initial production runs.  During the sampling and approval stages, manufacturing processes are monitored and recorded to establish and/or meet initial cosmetic and measurement specifications established by the customer.hexagon-metrology-443

Our dedication to quality took another major step in 2016 with the addition of a $100,000 high-capacity multi-sensor CMM (coordinate measuring machine) that possesses the latest technology. This unit utilizes a touch probe-ready apparatus and includes a high-resolution CCD (charge-coupled device) camera for multi-sensor applications with micro- to nano-scale precision measurement requirements with accuracy of 1.9 microns. It will greatly assist us and our customers on the inspection of small scale features and parts as well as complex, densely populated precision parts for our medical, electronics and automotive customers.

Our inspection equipment includes additional video inspection machines, a wide range of classic hand held instruments, and numerous checking fixtures. Every member of our quality assurance staff is also a hands-on expert in production.

Production Qualitykn1259-knob-overmolded-top_001

Stop by each of our production machines and you will find a binder containing product-specific manufacturing instructions for production workers.  These documents are customized in cooperation with the customer for each manufactured part during the new product development process.

Note the details provided to the production team: the Molding Instruction Requirements (MIR) includes digital photographs, visual and dimensional acceptance criteria and product-specific key characteristics and concerns. We strongly encourage our customers to tell us the specific characteristics of each part that is required, both functionally and cosmetically.

With a 24-hour, 5-days-a-week manufacturing operation, our quality assurance team performs routine cosmetic and dimensional inspection around the clock in our fully equipped Inspection Lab.  If it is measurable, we can measure it.  Most instruments are equipped with data ports for simple collection of data for records and further analysis.

Statistical Process Control software is used to monitor and detect out-of-specification conditions before developing into out of tolerance conditions.

Rest assured that your quality requirements are communicated clearly and diligently throughout our organization, as they are a vital part of our ISO certification process – as well as a key to our ability to maintain superior customer satisfaction with our production of high quality parts.

Let us show you how we can build quality into your process, too.