Guttenberg Industries, Inc. has become a leader in utilizing in-mold labeling (IML) within the custom injection molding process.

IML_In-mold-LabelIML is a process of applying a preprinted label during the plastic injection molding cycle. The result is a seamless product and a label that cannot be separated from the plastic part. Accomplishing this requires the use of science, technology, and innovative solutions.

In the IML process, a preprinted label is inserted into the open plastic injection mold and held in place by electrostatic charge, vacuum, or other methods. When the mold is closed, the plastic resin is injected into the mold to manufacture the part, encapsulating the label permanently within the finished injection molded part. In-mold labeling can often be the most cost-effective solution for decorating a plastic part – especially in certain high-volume, high-quality, and multi-color designs. It is certainly a preferred option by our customers when they are seeking a durable and/or multi-colored decoration. It is an efficient, durable, and cost-effective alternative to pad printing, painting, and other post-molding forms of applying graphics and labeling.

The advantages of using IML techniques are gained primarily by taking what has normally been a post-production process requiring a labor-intensive secondary operation and integrating it into an automated process that is conducted simultaneously to the injection molded cycle time.

IMLs are an excellent option when warning labels, instructions, or multi-colored graphics are desired.

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