Achieving project success requires up-front attention to detail.

AssemblySelecting a molding company can be a risky decision.  While we acknowledge that cost, quality, and service are key components that our customers evaluate before choosing Guttenberg Industries, the details behind our ability to successfully manufacture their parts and projects are critical to our customers’ projects success.

With so many things that can go wrong, the wise customer chooses a molder knowledgeable in the many ever-changing variables.  This includes new materials, technology, and sometimes the mundane items like state-of-the-art quality assurance including high-tech inspection equipment and application of statistical process controls.

While we completely understand that this is your project, we believe it is vital to get your select your injection molder early in the process and get them involved immediately.  Guttenberg Industries’ understands that the decisions that are made early in the process may be difficult to change later – and it benefits our customers to obtain support and suggestions before critical decisions are made.

Therefore, our extensive experienced management and staff are eager to provide engineering support as well as part and mold design suggestions – all of which are geared toward assisting our customers with better cost containment, quality parts, and successful projects.