Guttenberg Industries offers customers the option of domestic or offshore tool builds, with complete oversight and production of parts manufactured in our Iowa facility.

Mold_Design_SuggestionsTool designs are developed by toolmakers based on the CAD models provided by Guttenberg Industries on the behalf of you, the customer. Before any actual tool work is begun, the tool design must be approved by Guttenberg Industries. Improper tool design can lead to quality problems, increased production costs, and limited tool life. To minimize the risk, our team of experts reviews each tool design with a point checklist, ensuring the highest quality tool for your money.

We coordinate the tool build and offer weekly progress updates upon request. We work with your engineers and quality professionals to ensure we understand your unique quality requirements before the mold is even complete. When the mold is complete we sample the mold to verify it meets your requirements and tweak the mold or process until it does.

And, if you are transferring a tool from another molder, we still do all of the same except for the tool build. Why not let us be an extension of your product development team?