What is a Magic Label?

Hint: It isn't magic, just a great interactive technology!


An interactive label i like the image pictured above, utilizes watermark technology that can be "read" or decoded by using our Magic Label app. The app directs the user to a Landing Page (URL) that can include up to three additional URL links.

Free Magic Label App

Download our free Magic Label App (to be released in March 2019) and you can "read" any of our labels containing a watermark.

These labels can be permanent adhesive labels, temporary removable labels, or especially in-mold labels that become inseparable from a plastic injection molded product/part.

Customer Engagement!

So what is the big deal about an interactive label?

You can direct your prospects, and/or customers to your website, YouTube, Facebook page, or registration page for coupons, how-to videos, warranty information, or pto purchase more of your goods or services.

So Now What?

You need to add an interactive label to your packaging, product, or marketing piece ASAP. 

Since the label sends your customer to a URL(s) of your choice, you will have complete flexibility to change or update the content of your URL at your convenience - completely under your control.

By the way, interactive labels are not even more expensive than your current labels. Just a simple set-up fee to establish the links and you are ready to go.

Contact us for additional information.